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Mental health, vegitarianism, feminism, chronic illness, sexual assault, marriage, and social justice.

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There is no going “through”: Recovery from invisible injuries

There is no going “through”: Recovery from invisibl...

Brit + Co.

Rory Gilmore Taught Me the Most Valuable Love Lesson of My Life

On Gilmore Girls, Rory learned through her relationship with Dean that men weren’t always going to walk out of her life the way her father had...

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I’m a Survivor – Medium

And other secrets that I’ve kept from you.


Review: Origins of the Universe and What It All Means – The Coil – Medium

Review: Origins of the Universe and What It All Mea...


IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Forgot to Take Paxil for Two Days and ...

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Forgot to Take Paxil for Two D...

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Embracing my stereotypes

I had to put one of my cats down this week. The next day, my husband texted me on his way home in the morning, letting me know we were getting Starbucks because we deserved it.

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Being a woman and a vegetarian – Medium

I’m on a lot of different herbal supplaments and medications right now. I have chemicals I throw down my throat every morning, afternoon, and night just to make sure I maintain some sort of “balance” and “functionality.” When that doesn’t work, I eat my feelings or I don’t eat at all.

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Patience in Publishing and Healing

What can you do when you’re on a path that requires more patience than you can give?

Patience is something I’ve always had — or at least I’d like to think I’ve always had. Waiting has always been a part of my life. Waiting my turn, waiting for the bus, waiting to get home, waiting to hear back from colleges, waiting for grades… well, you get the picture.

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Defining “enough.”

Am I a lazy millennial for taking days off? Every night around 8, I start to count down to bed time. I re-watch a favorite show on Netflix, I triage tomorrow’s to-do list, and I build up my Tumblr queue.

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I’m mentally exhausted

The thing about neuroscience is that there is so much that is still being discovered about the brain. I had an MRI done and my doctor told me that, while I had a spot on my MRI, they weren’t sure what it is. In consulting other specialists, they told me this was normal for people who have migraines. Unless my post-concussion symptoms get worse, I have no reason to worry.

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I’m a lone wolf

I’m not this girl. Woman. Twenty-something. I’m not the person who bares her soul on the internet because, well, I run my business on the internet.

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My husband isn't my soulmate — my friends are

Even though I'm married, my friends will still always come first....

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Why long-distance friends are actually the best

While I love my local friends, my long-distance friendships are actually the best. Here's why....

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7 of the best things to do when you're feeling anxious

It can be so hard to deal with anxiety, but these things help....

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I'm finally (finally!) learning what work/life balance means

Finding the balance between work and my personal life has always been a hard thing, but I'm finally really making a go of it....